ECM style stainless steel capped portafilter handles

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These handmade PF Handles are hand fitted with stain-less steel end caps custom made in the identical design to those used by ECM. They are made locally in Perth, Western Australia from Grade 317 stainless steel which has a high strength and corrosion resistance perfect for the coffee brewing environment. Each cap is hand fitted to the PF handle and buffed by hand to a highly polished shine to add a whole new dimension of ‘Bling’ and to your coffee machine!

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100% Australian custom handmade ECM style stainless steel capped portafilter handles designed to to add a whole new dimension of ‘Bling’ to your coffee machine! Hand tapped and fitted with 9.0cm long stainless steel bolts for the ultimate strength. We do not use any type of modern copy equipment. Instead all of our coffee parts are traditionally hand turned individually in small batches at our Perth workshop in Western Australia.

Made locally from Grade 317 stainless steel because of its high strength and corrosion resistance, the caps are are 35mm wide x 38mm long and weigh 243 grams. The average total weight of the cap added to a wooden PF handle is 385 grams.


We use a mixture of hand rubbed food safe, heat proof and water resistant oils. These oils are perfect to withstand the rigours of the coffee brewing environment. Much more friendly than artificial chemical finishes such as polyurethane.



Our handmade coffee parts use sustainable or reclaimed natural hardwood’s sourced locally in Western Australia. We select all of our timber from specialist suppliers and only choose woods based on the weight, grain pattern and quality. For part sets we use the same log to ensure consistent colour and curl in the grain. We also do our best to try and source other types of hardwood’s upon request.



Every vivid swirling knot and sap hole tells the story of the tree’s growth and composition. To reveal the depth of hues and colours we use flowing ergonomic designs. Each portafilter handle is made from robust figured hardwood’s with an oversized broad rimmed edge which are designed to last a lifetime.


Lead times for our ECM style stainless steel capped portafilter handles:  

Our lead time for making your custom wooden coffee portafilter handle is generally 1-2 weeks. When time permits we make over runs to keep as stock on hand.


Bespoke Requests:

Our aim is to create the most extensive catalogue of handmade hardwood coffee parts available. Consequently, we regularly add new coffee part designs to our range. We can also custom make coffee parts in accordance to our customers specifications. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Additional information

Weight0.385 kg

Australian Marri, Black Walnut, Japanese Oak, Old Growth Jarrah, Pale Olivewood, Sheoak, Tasmanian Blackwood

Bolt Size

M10, M12

We often have handmade Part Sets for immediate shipment. Please check here.

Our current lead times are:

  • Accessories (tampers, beer tap handles, portafilter handles, stations, levers) 1-2 weeks
  • Handmade Part Sets (2 x steam/water handles, 1 x PF handle, 1 x lever) 3-4 weeks
  • Custom works & Supreme Range Parts – please contact us for an estimate

Bolt Sizes

PF Handles generally use either an M10 or M12 bolt. This can be checked by using the below chart or simply by going to your local hardware shop with your PF Handle and checking whether an M10 or M12 nut fits the bolt. 

M12: is generally used on any 58mm to 58.5mm portafilter on the following espresso machines: 

  • Bezzera
  • BFC delux
  • ECM
  • Expobar Minore 3 & Brewtus
  • Faema (some models)
  • La Marzocco
  • Lelit
  • Profitec
  • Rocket

M10: is generally used on the following espresso machines:

  • Dalla Corte mini.
  • Faema (some models)
  • Gaggia
  • Izzo
  • La Cimbali
  • Le San Marco
  • Nuova Simonelli
  • Rancilio
  • Sanmarco
  • Synesso
  • Vibiemme


All of the coffee machine manufacturers use a thread locking glue on the black plastic PF handle bolts to prevent movement once they have been screwed into the group head. This glue can be softened with heat which will then allow them to be unscrewed easily. 

We recommend pointing a hair dryer (for 10 minutes) or heat gun at the section the handle joins the head and gradually as it heats up they will start to budge. They can then be turned off by hand with a damp towel on the group head or in a vice for better grip if they are stubborn.